Been a while since we’ve had a nice chat so I thought it was a good time to say what’s up. How you doin’? I’m riddled with flu! Thanks for asking! Anyway…

It’s been a little over a month now since Book 2 started and I think long-time readers can already see this is going to be a pretty different beast from the Sky Intruder; a thing that will become more apparent as we go. Book 2, if I’m successful, will be much more in line with what I wanted this series to be. A series about friendship. And not just a group of friends wading through life, but the nature of it all. But maybe that’s a conversation best suited for another time, when perhaps I’m not riddled with flu.

One of the big differences between Books 1 and 2 this time around are the intricate interiors and industrial thingamajigs that have to be drawn – certainly a far cry from the endless trees and open skies of Oakea. I picked up a trick recently that is helping loads with designing set interiors*. Namely, The Sims 2. Being able to lay out what I’ve had in my head and scribbled on paper in a 3D space has been a godsend for keeping track of a given set-piece. I’ll be showing more of these as we roam new areas of the Hub.

The store, or Emporium, as we may-or-may not end up calling it is slowly chugging along. I’ve placed orders on a few different items that I haven’t decided whether will be featured in the store or saved for con appearances – something I haven’t quite jumped headfirst into yet but something I definitely want to do! But I have a good idea of things I want to offer in the emporium and am moving on those things. Probably soon-ish. We’ll see.

Oh yeah! Friend-of-the-show and mi hermano Josh Hechinger recently spoke to Robot 6 about the stuff he’s reading and said lovely, lovely things about Nomad Tofu. So lovely. :)

Comic will be up Thursday. Partly because of the flu, partly because of other things that popped up. I’m working the schedule this time to be a little more lax than its been in the past. Weekly updates for sure, Tuesdays being the prime day but Thursdays being the optional day if something prevents the comic going up on Tuesday. And sometimes we’ll update on both days, whether it be two comics or a blog post and a comic. Maybe if you’re lucky even two comics and a blog post. Wouldn’t that be swell?

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*Hearty golf claps to Band vs Band creator Kathleen Jacques for bringing the Sims thing to my attention.

UPDATE: This flu took a turn for the worse and left me in a fetal position that would make babies envious… if babies feel envy. Do they? I can’t remember, personally.  In any event, we missed “the window” so this week’s comic is going to go up next Tuesday (the 22nd). Or if we want to be fun, we can say this week’s page found a time machine and is waiting for us in the fuUuture.

HOWEVER, if you reeeeaaally want to read it – and why wouldn’t you??? – here’s a peek at a pencils-only version. (not final, incomplete, subject to change, yada yada).

Posted on – 1/15/13