First off, per request, here’s a wallpaper version of yesterday’s comic!

In addition there are a few new wallpapers in the Extras section if that’s something you find appealing.


So, HUB-305. From the get-go there was a plan as to how the hub should look. I didn’t want some fancy, cylindrical space station that, seriously, here I’ll even Google it for you – they’re ALL cylindrical! There’s probably sciencey reasons for it… but I knew what I wanted, I wanted a giant warehouse in space! It needed to be big and plain and no frills. The protruding banana looking thingies act as engines but are usually used to keep the hub in place so it doesn’t end up drifting.  They also act as a shielding mechanism to stop potential looters, and there are several checkpoints further out from the station for incoming vessels to pass. It’s all very technical and complex as you can plainly see, though I do think it works in a no-nonsense, down-to-earth kind of way; which is how I’ve been approaching the design-work from Day 1… when I’m not drawing giant bells-as-spaceships, anyway. It’s all very technical.

We’re going to be diving into some smaller, tighter storylines now that hopefully won’t take months and months to tell. As always, keep up-to-date with what’s going on by following my personal twitter @harrymyland. I’ve mostly been talking about The Thermals and TV and my epic dogs Montrose and Sam.


Posted on – 5/03/13