Nomad Tofu is a comedic, science-fantasy adventure series that follows Pub, a mysterious weirdo who fell out of the sky and into a world of monsters. The comic began April 6th, 2009 and tends to update on Tuesdays.

Nomad Tofu is the on-going work of Harry Myland (IV). He is known to be able to play several instruments and has an undying love of Muppets. He also enjoys cheese and chilly weather. If you wish to email Harry feel free to contact him at HMFour (at) Gmail.com or drop a tweet @harrymyland!


Why ‘Nomad Tofu’?

Pub is the odd-man out. Pub never fits in, Pub never really belongs. Much like tofu, Pub has a knack for blending into his surroundings and taking on their flavor, but at the end of the day he’s still a piece of tofu floating in a pot of beef stew. Floatin’ like a Nomad, so, Nomad Tofu.

What is Pub? Where did he come from? What’s his deal?

We don’t know yet. He does, but we don’t. For now we can take great pleasure in calling him a Weirdo, or a Whatever, much like the Great Gonzo. What can be said about Pub is that he has-a-past and for now it’s better that we don’t ask him about it. But we’ll find out soon enough… maybe when he gets a minute away from all the horrible monsters.

What’s your process?

Nomad Tofu is scripted and thumb-nailed in sketchbooks (usually at the local diner or Chinese joint). Then it sits a day or two and is rewritten and organized in Scrivener. For most of Book 1 it would then be laid out in this amazing 9×12 Canson XL Series Mix Media Sketchpad and measured out to 11×7 with 1/32″ bleeds, which would then be drawn in pencil and scanned into a computer for digital inking. Somewhere towards the end of Book 1 the process became mostly digital, doing both the pencils and inks in Photoshop CS2 CS5 using a 4×5 WACOM intuos4 small WACOM tablet. The dialog often gets a final tweak as it’s being typed in.

How long does all this take?

The earlier strips took no more than a few hours. The later (and latest) pages clock at a going rate of about an hour per panel, give or take depending on the panel’s complexity and outside distractions. The comic is never far from my mind, so it’s hard to give an accurate measure for how long it takes to write.

Who are your influences?

Nomad Tofu’s main influence is probably Jim Henson. Artist influences are wide and varied, but include folks like Charles Schulz, Bryan LeeO’Malley, Meredith Gran, Bruce Timm, Mike Maihack, Bill Watterson, Cyril Pedrosa, Kate Beaton, the boys of Halfpixel and many others!

Alright! Now that you’ve got the gist of what we’re about and how it’s made, head over to the STORY GUIDE and start reading!