There were a few behind-the-scenes bits about this week’s (#185) comic that I was going to toss up on twitter, but had the thought that they could be elaborated on here. And, like, content. Content for your content holes. Which would be your eyes? No, wait, your eyes aren’t holes your eye-sockets are the holes. And the brain processes all this anyway and that doesn’t even have a hole so this whole thing is dumb.

DRUGS! Oh man, Persephone is totally smoking in this comic! And it gave me serious pause! I struggled as to whether this scene should play out like it does for over a month. I’ve struggled less over MURDERING CHARACTERS! When did smoking become taboo? The MPAA was pushed a while back to get smoking out of movies (which has largely failed, by the way), and there have been similar pushes done by MARVEL and freakin’ legislature. Personally, my father has been an off-and-on smoker for years and my family is always trying to get him to quit. So yeah, smoking is bad and I wasn’t sure if it should be in Nomad Tofu. But oh well, Seph is totally smoking anyway. Which is amusingly a total Seph thing to do.

I am also going to go out there and say that I lifted the specific-mood-enhancer thing directly from an episode of Doctor Who (Series 3: Gridlock). I don’t usually lift ideas from other sources, at least directly or consciously, but that nugget was totally plucked. To be fair, in the DW version moods were divvied out by patches, not cigarettes. Though, perhaps ironically, the Doctor felt those patches were bad, taboo and all sorts of wrong. What a preachy git…


In keeping with the trend of “not doing things” that I then “do”, Seph’s new outfit was directly inspired by Beverly Crusher’s in FIRST CONTACT, which was at some point background noise as this batch of pages came together. Again, I did change-up and enhance the design to make-it-my-own, but I do have to say that I was all, “Huh, I like that jacket and turtle-neck thing going on here, and Seph already has that hairdo*…”

Oh, and this blog had absolutely nothing to do with DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake(s), I just have that song by Art Brut stuck in my head.**


You’re killin’ me, Smalls!


*Hairdo is technically inaccurate because the Bells do not have hair. They have, like, tendrils that fill up over time with a poisonous liquid that they have to drain every-so-often, which was briefly touched upon in the epilogue of Book 1.

** I guess, since the song was mentioned, the title of this blog is now justifiable. Score.

Posted on – 01/09/14