Five Years!

Nomad Tofu turns FIVE YEARS OLD today! To celebrate, I’m offering up a sneak peek of the FINAL VERSION of NT: Book 1! While I’m not quiiite ready to let loose the whole shebang, the changes within this preview should offer a pretty good taste of just how much work has gone into bringing the early days of the comic up-to-par for a future book release. Seriously,  compare and contrast it with the webcomic version! I’m a crazy person!

This will also technically be the first time I’m “selling” (though it’s totally free!) anything NT related, which feels like a pretty darn good milestone to hit today! Get it now on Gumroad!

We will likely see NT’s current arc, Brackets, finish up next week. Thanks for waiting! But seriously, FIVE YEARS!!!



Posted on – 04/06/2014