What?! Another inexplicably titled post?! Or is it? Zor and Zam, man! Flora and Seph, girl! There’s… maybe some synergy there. Can you find it? Do you want to?

One of the challenges of creating NT is that there’s usually not a script first. There’s a definite beginning and end to each chapter (and like, overall), but how we get from A to B grows out from each page as it’s completed. Or at least that’s how it’s worked up until now… and it works for me. But sometimes you wind up with redundancies.  In the end, it probably won’t be surprising to see this week’s page (#187) on the editing room floor entirely. Which may be the first page in Book 2 to hold that honor. In 2024, which is when Book 2 will likely see a print release. :'(

But the cool part about a webcomic is that those pages don’t hurt us. They only add to the archive; even if they would maybe prove to be a bit redundant for a book made of dead trees.


They (#186, #187) do seem to lay together well, though. These two pages in particular were designed to be book-ends to each other, even if it doesn’t work out that way in the end.  Still, page synergy(!) has been something that has been in the back of my mind since Scott McCloud’s STRIPPED interview dropped a few months back.

SephvsFloraPagesP2Click to enlarge the canvas! The infinite canvas??

Have questions? Want some more details on the process? Or how to avoid being me? Leave a comment below and we can discuss it in a future post! With GIFs! Lots of GIFs!


You’re killin’ me, Smalls!

Posted on – 01/23/14