Hello hello, is anyone out there? Are you receiving me? I had to knock down the door and clear some cobwebs, but luckily the lights still worked.



So one of the things I’ve been doing this year – which you’d know if you follow me on the social medias – is the #365SketchChallenge. It’s nothing fancy, just a simple pen sketch every day, but I thought I’d switch it up a bit this month; which is WHY YOU’RE HERE! All this month – or mostly this month* – I’ll be running an all-new original NT story! This one follows Herb on his last day of working for The Chorg, BEFORE Pub drops from the sky and ruins changes Herb’s life for-evs! These events tie directly into the start of NT, and new revelations Will-Be-Revealed. If you’ve been starving for a new NT story, hopefully this will offer some welcomed relief.

Unlike the #365SketchChallenge so far though, I’ll be posting every day instead of once-a-week batch updates. And I’ll be posting for the first time(!) to Instagram, so head on over and follow me there if you use it yourself! Or just bookmark it or w/e. Do people still bookmark things? Shouldn’t it be called a webmark or something? Anyway…


In addition, I’ve made some decisions regarding the future of Nomad Tofu and where we stand, and I’ll be rolling out those changes…. eventually. Haha lol #ImTheWorst. e_e


You’re killin’ me, Smalls!

*I’ve outlined the story-beats, but I’ll be doing the actual sketching day-to-day, so this could go a little over or a little under a month. We’ll see.

Posted on – 7/02/16