One of the things mentioned in the last post (that couldn’t be talked about) came to fruition late last night, so here we go…


During Wizard World Philly, Josh and I wound up being interviewed on the con-floor by Matt Kelly, of The Saint Mort Show! It wound up being a spur of the moment discussion and we pick up mid-way through a conversation about rasslin’. If you’ve ever been interested in hearing my velvety nasal, Philadelphian accent, check it out!

(Our bit starts right around 20:50 mark)

Thanks to Matt for being so rad, and for giving me a brief outlet to talk about a bunch of stuff I love. And thanks to Josh for not throttling me afterwards for hijacking the conversation, because-we’re-talking-about-stuff-I-love. It was a highlight of the weekend.

You’re killin’ me, Smalls!

– – Title Track: New Radio, by Bikini Kill – –

Posted on – 06/26/14