If you haven’t been following along, this past weekend I finally attended my first comic convention as an eXibiTor! To be more accurate, I played Igor to Josh Hechinger‘s Fhraunk-en-Tahbul and was compensated with some free publicity for NT.*

*Fun fact: Free publicity is not, in fact, free.

We wound up having a great weekend, minus one or two hiccups along the way. Like getting lost in the big city. More than once?  And losing things we didn’t actually lose. More than.. no, no that was just the once.


But the good far outweighed the bad. People were met, things were sold (THINGS WERE SOLD!) and some pretty rad stuff happened that, and not to be that guy, but stuff that I-can’t-talk-about-yet (PEOPLE WERE MET!).

Here are a few highlights:

–  The cool cosplayers who stopped by the booth Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in a myriad of great costumes. I forgot to take pictures because I am The Worst, but check out their site here.
–  The guy who bought the Paul Bearer sketch card.
–  All the people who bought Comic Book Tattoo and SOLD US OUT.
–  Everyone who bought anything and made us feel great about our life choices.
–  The people on Josh’s panel talk, whom I had no real interaction with, but whom Josh spoke highly of.
–  All the little kids who read The Walking Dead comics, but whose parents asked us if any of our content was “questionable” despite the fact that their kids read THE WALKING DEAD.
–  The people at Friday night’s Drink-and-Draw. In which I should now apologize for being miserable (re: losing THINGS).
–  The hippie on the train that may prove to be the inspiration for a future NT character…
–  The people I can’t talk about yet… =_=
–  Wizard World’s staff and crew, all of whom seemed to be on top of things and came by multiple times to make sure we were doing okay. It was appreciated.


New page will be up Thursday, and lots of cool stuff is drifting serenely on the horizon. Or something.



There was a moment. A wonderful MOMENT. Where from afar, I saw Christopher Llyod, Scott Wilson, and Matt Smith. I may have mouthed, “I love you” to each of them as I walked past. I didn’t, but prove it.

– – Title Track: Wonderful Wizard, by The Guggenheim Grotto – –

Posted on – 06/24/14