This is a continuation of last week’s post about process. I’ll be answering the same four questions, but from an art/drawing perspective. BUT BEFORE THAT!


Happening TODAY – or, THIS WEEKEND! RIGHT NOW?! – is Wizard World Philly! I’ll be playing minion to diabolical comics extraordinaire Josh Hechinger at his totally inviting and not-at-all diabolical table (ARTIST ALLEY – D14). Come buy his awesome books! And some rad sketch-cards! And the FIRST PIECE OF NT SWAG EVER!?!

SKMania1SkeTchCarD mAniAaAaaaAa!

You’ll also find Josh at a panel talk on Friday called, “The Art of Creating Conflict (IN YOUR STORY)”. I am fairly conflicted that I won’t be able to sit in, as I’ll be guarding the table from Finn The Human impersonators. Excuse me, “costumed impersonators.”

Go see it, and then stop by and tell me how great and/or terrible (great) it was. Preferably in your Finn The Human costume. Or Flora From Nomad Tofu costume?


Let’s talk draws.


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What are you working on?

NOMAD TOFU! Next question!

No, wait!

See, yes, I am working on NT on the reg. But I’m also (still) working to clean up those pesky NT Book 1 pages for a proper release!


And the first round of merch to boot!



How does your work differ from others?

Look around at other comics happening. Compare it to NT pages.

I do think my monster designs stand on their own a bit. They tend to be goofy, but also grounded in plausibility. My philosophy has always been that I don’t care how weird something is as long as it makes sense in the world you’re putting it into. My “sense” tends to lean a bit blue-collar as opposed to the omnipotence of human thought, or whatever.

TP1In other words, I try not to crawl up my own butt about it.


How does your drawing process work?

I’ve answered this in other posts (with process GIFs!), but for a quick refresh (again, in regards to NT):

1.) First, I’ll thumbnail the page (which we talked about last week).
2.) Next, we open up a prepared NT page with basic layers and format already set up in Photoshop.
3.) Layout panels based on the thumbnail.
4.) Type out the dialog.
5.) Pencil, then ink the page.


Why do you draw the way you do?

I am fairly confident my style has been a slow evolution as to how I digested 90’s cartoons as a kid. Nicktoons, some WB stuff; maybe there’s a bit of influence from newspaper strips like Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes – even Ziggy!* But I would mostly attribute it to 90’s television. Or 80’s television that crept into my 90’s television.

You could probably cite some comic influences at this point, too. But for the sake of this, yeah, 90’s stuff.

*My grandmother, who lived with us until my early teens, adored Ziggy. Like, she’d cross-stitch Ziggy cartoons, and had little Ziggy decorations for even the off-holidays, like St. Patrick’s Day or Valentine’s Day. It was pretty great.



You’re killin’ me, Smalls!

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Posted on – 06/19/14