And we’re back!

Okay, so, its been a while. How are you? Still at that job? Still, uh, have that bottle of Red Hot in your fridge? Godzilla and Cap 2 were sooo great, right? Anyway, yeah, not totally sure what caused that hiatus this time out (lies) or why it took so long to come back (more lies). But we’re rolling again, and that’s all that matters?

We’ve now broken forty pages in Book 2 and I can’t decide whether that feels like a lot or not a lot at all, given where we’re at in the story.  We still have much to do in B2, but considering it started in December of 2012* we should be further along, yeah? [sadness intensifies]

*(Seriously! 2012?! Our recent passage through time must have been riddled with TEARS AND PARADOXES! Paradoxi? But we accept it because it’s not like anyone remembers Daleks invading? We did ambivalently suffer through a second Big Bang, after all. Surely there are a bunch of pages stuck in those alternate timelines. Timelines where blimps are the primo mode of transportation and lizards rule the planet.  /end Doctor Who jokes.)


Oh! I’ll be tabling my first con in just a few short weeks at Wizard World Philadelphia (June 19-22)! By “tabling” I mean helping out NON-TEAM COMIX extraordinaire Josh Hechinger run HIS table. But I’ll still be present. I may have some free NT stickers stuffed in my pockets and a sketchbook on my lap. Come buy some books! Say hi! Dress up as Pub or Flora or something! Not that I’m expecting that to happen, but if you want to see a grown man cry like my newborn nephew you should make it your mission. You should Make It So.

In any event, I’ll be highly recommending BEAR BEATER BUNYAN to people, which just-so-happens to have made its debut yesterday on ComiXology. It’s about a kid whose trying to avenge his parents by wrestling bears. Which is certainly a better premise than, like, avenging your parents by fighting crime. Y-ee-a-w-n.

You’ll be able to find us in Artist Alley at Booth D14, which has been doodled on for your convenience.

AA2 (Click to enlarge.)

Since we’re talking moving and shaking, the NT Emporium may be opening its doors in the near future!  With OBjects and things. Tangible items to prove NT exists in a realm other than the illusory. So given our track record they’ll be here ’round Christmas. Unless that was a second jinx that delayed them into 2015. 2016? Crap.


You’re killin’ me, Smalls!

- – Title Track: Fast Turtle, by Anamanaguchi. – -

Posted on – 06/05/14